my art

Hay! I’m Harriet, the resident artist here.

I started my artist career in 2019 at age 57, which is perfect timing for me. I was a professional equestrian coach and life coach (Equine Gestalt Practitioner, to be exact!) for decades before embarking on the whole “I wanna be a full time artist” thing.

I started art lessons as a wee child and actually won some contests when younger. Then went to college, vet school, got married, had kids, gained all that wisdom…

I have always seen the world in a different way and felt the world always saw me in a different way (I have soooo much Leo in my astrological chart). Yes, I was that different kid. And now I literally see the world differently and need to wear glasses because I have weird goings on with my eyes.

I believe art should evoke emotion and be therapy for us all. I am a storyteller through my art and my ideas come down to me through my intuition.

Please browse around my art which is always a Work In Progress. Aren’t we all!

I invite you, if you feel inspired, to sign up for news of my stories and promotions (like sales and good stuff). And be happy I didn’t put a pop up sign up. ;0)


Equine SuperPower Collection

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PupStar Hero Collection

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Hope Endangered Collection

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Jungian Birds Collection

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