Jungian Birds


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“The essential thing about birds is that they, having as their domain the air element, mediate between the earthly realm and the heaven world.  The alchemist, in observing the flight of birds, recognized in them a picture of the human soul undergoing spiritual development.”

Adam McLean

2010-a burnout year for me after decades of teaching riding lessons and running a successful equine business. I started searching for a different way of interacting with horses and people. (But what does this have to do with birds…?)

I researched several programs and landed in Touched By A Horse ® Equine Gestalt Program. (Ahhh- we are getting to the birds…) I completed the 18-24 month program in 2012.

I fell in love with Gestalt and discovered I could transmute energy onto paper/canvas. Turns out Carl Jung, who had a huge influence on Gestalt, spent some time in a cave doing this. He also drew many mandalas which will be featured in every Jungian Birds work.

Jung believed in our unconscious communicating with our conscious through symbols. Birds play a huge part in this archetypal symbolism as they represent the space of air and thus a bridge between the human and spirit world.

Each piece is 16×20 . Created from paper. On a DaVinci Pro Panel that is 1.5″ cradled and ready to hang! Or fly. Who knows.



I feel like George is that hippy, biker/surfer/skater archetype in us all that craves freedom of soul. And doesn’t care that his eyeball fell out because its a cool mandala that can sit on his wing and look on the world with a different perspective.


I created George when I was stressed and overwhelmed and needed to find that creative, free muse in me. Thus, George was hatched.

Contact me if you are interested in George hanging out on your wall. There are more archetypal eggs in the incubator of my mind; join my email list to get first dibs!