equine superpower


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Inspired by the last 7 horses that graced our farm before we moved on, this collection embodies the distinct Superpower I can see in each horse.

My passion is to show the real faces of equines; they are not just a beast we ride and forget.

I believe horses are the dolphins of the earth and are here to teach us love, compassion, joy, boundaries.

They are sentient beings that save us, support us, lead us through fear and grief, show us how to communicate, fall in love, be in the present.

Each piece is 12″x24″ mixed media on artist level cradled canvas. Each represents a certain chakra that has a specific vibration, color and symbol associated with these energy centers. The backgrounds are comprised of paper I hand printed with color and symbols associated with the meaning. The faces are made from colored rice paper torn up and “glued” to create the structure of the face. There is very little painting once the paper is on. “Creativity” is opposite because, you know, chestnut mares….

The originals are for sale individually and as a herd. Contact me if interested.

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“Royal” embodies the equine ability to connect with consciousness and the Divine. Wisdom represents the Crown or 7th chakra. The chakra color is purple.


“Connor” has great insights about humans and loves to play with oracle cards. Dream represents the Third Eye or 6th chakra.The chakra color is indigo.


‘Finnius” is one of the most authentic and loyal ponies. Truth represents the Throat or 5th chakra. The chakra color is blue.


One of my favorite equines, “Chubby Checker” exudes love and compassion. Compassion represents the Heart or 4th chakra. The chakra color is green.


“Tiki”, ¬†with all her flowing mane, shows power in her body and confidence. Power represents the Solar Plexus or 3rd chakra. The chakra color is yellow.


My chestut expressive mare “Greenpeace” inspired this piece. Creativity represents the Sacral or 2nd chakra. The chakra color is orange.


Fashioned after our stable and grounded pony “Belle of the Ball”, Balance represents the Root or 1st chakra. The chakra color is red.