harriet b morton


When I was 7, I won a prize at a local art contest. My uncle asked if I wanted to be an artist when I grew up.

To which I declared: “I AM an artist!”

Today, my 7 year old self and my current self have teamed up to produce art.

Now I can truely declare: I AM an artist!

Artist Statement:

Hay! I’m Harriet, the resident artist here.

I started my artist career in 2019 at age 57, which is perfect timing for me. I was a professional equestrian coach and life coach (Equine Gestalt Practitioner, to be exact!) for decades before embarking on the whole “I wanna be a full time artist” thing.

I started art lessons as a wee child and actually won some contests when younger. Then went to college, vet school, got married, had kids, gained all that wisdom…

I have always seen the world in a different way and felt the world always saw me in a different way (I have soooo much Leo in my astrological chart). Yes, I was that different kid. And now I literally see the world differently and need to wear glasses because I have weird goings on with my eyes.

I believe art should evoke emotion and be therapy for us all. I am a storyteller through my art and my ideas come down to me through my intuition.

I love creating with color and paper and texture. My passion is to show animals in a different way and how they really show up.


Official Bio:

Mixed media artist Harriet B Morton’s love of color is easy to identify in her compositions. She has a passion for showing the soul of the subjects which are primarily animals. Her style is let the paints flow organically and create the work of art intuitively. 

Harriet grew up in a small college town in upstate South Carolina, where she was surrounded by animals and trees. These animals, especially horses, had a profound impact on her life, professionally, artistically and personally.

Harriet’s father was a music professor at Erskine College. Being a professor’s kid has advantages and Harriet was introduced to art at age 5 by the college art professor, Felix Bauer. Bauer continued to be an influence through the years. He inspired her to use color, understand color, to feel color.  His influence is evident in her works today.

Harriet won a prize at 7 years old in a local art contest. Her uncle asked if she wanted to be an artist when she grew up. To which Harriet declared: “I AM an artist.” Her love of horses directed her towards veterinary school rather than art school. She eventually opened an equine business, coaching and training, from 1989 to 2019, until she and her family decided to sell the farm.

Harriet found her love of mixed media when she signed up for Kellie Day’s “Transform Your Art” class in 2019. Kellie not only helped Harriet hone her mixed media art skills, but pulled her style out of her. Harriet’s creations became bold and colorful and she made several series of animals and still continues on that path. 

Harriet has a passion for supporting wildlife conservation and animal rescue. She donates part of her art sales to special 501c organizations that correlate with the art.

Contact for gallery showings, commissions, art sales: harrietbmorton@gmail.com


“Animal As Art”

Bowie Art Center at Erskine College

March 2021-present


“Four Seasons”

Transylvania Arts Council, Brevard, NC

October -November 2021