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How are you feeling?

• stuck

• overwhelmed

• grieving over pet loss

• frustrated with your horse


“Harriet is an amazing coach! I have come up with an analogy to describe how her coaching has helped me. It's like carving a pumpkin on Halloween. Harriet has helped me reach down inside, scoop out all the "nasty stuff" that I don't need in my life, and helped me rekindle a light that can shine out for all to see.”

Nicole W.

“Life Coaching and EGCM have hand-in-hand guided me to a feeling of security and peace I thought I would never have again. Security and peace in myself and the world around me.”

Anonymous client

"Before I started working with Harriet, I felt like I was in a constant state of anxiety and panic attacks. Harriet and her horses have given me valuable tools so that I can process before freaking out! This has helped out with everyday relationships- from my husband to my horse. The biggest gift is that I can give myself love and compassion even in the moments of panic.

Kate K.

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