Harriet B Morton



Equine Gestalt Coach

Make your week less wonky;

Reach for Relief

instead of reaching for the

plop, plop, fizz, fizz.

Live Life Coaching

On the Phone.

In my Zoom Room.

With a Horse.

One on One, so you dont have to go it Alone.

Find Your H•A•P•P•Y,

whatever happy is for YOU.

Horse ART Heart

Fun with Friends.

Hang out with Horses.

Create some original Art.

PS: You’ll be surprised.

Relationship Coaching

Goal Setting for Riders:

Get your horse off your back,

so you can get back on his.

Stress Management

Ditch your

Overwhelm Monster.

Pet Grief

It’s Real.


I’m Harriet

I’m your kind of coach if you:


are a woman who feels completely stuck (kinda like Pooh!) within a life transition.


are a rider who feels like you are not moving forward in your relationship with your horse.


are missin’ your should animal like crazy and feel no one else understands.

You are my kind of client if you:


are willing to be present and do the work.


are able to hold compassion for yourseld and are ok with being vunerable.


are open to different types of coaching processes as well as traditional types.

"Harriet is an amazing coach! I have come up with an analogy to describe how her coaching has helped me: It's like carving a pumpkin on Halloween. Harriet has helped me reach down inside, scoop out all the "nasty stuff" that I don't need in my life, and helped me rekindle a light that can shine out for all to see."

Nicole W.

"Before I started working with Harriet, I felt like I was in a constant state of anxiety and panic attacks. Harriet and her horses have given me valuable tools so that I can process before freaking out! This has helped out with everyday relationships- from my husband to my horse. The biggest gift is that I can give myself love and compassion even in the moments of panic."

Kate K.

"“Life Coaching and EGCM have hand-in-hand guided me to a feeling of security and peace I thought I would never have again. Security and peace in myself and the world around me.”

“Yeah, I know I'm a horse, but Harriet has even helped me with overwhelm and anxiety! I can attest to her patience and understanding when I would shut down or boing around. That overwhelm monster is scaaaaar-y. I'm glad she didn't feed the monster with expectations; she gave only compassion and time. Today, I'm happy as a clam (or a horse) with a young girl as her first horse and I'm even going to horse shows!”



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