PupStar Heroes Collection

After completing the ESP collection, I figured I’d venture into the canine world next. A good friend of mine had the brilliant idea of painting them as the elements. I chose the 5 Chinese elements of Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal and Water. And then to intuitively pick which breed would represnt which element. There was lots of barking “pick me” and you can see the results below.

What started out as dogs, morphed into puppies (cause they are the cutest!). My art speaks to me (and I often talk to my art) and the puppies pretty much demanded to be in comic book art form. Having no experience with comic art, this was venturing into unknown territory but the pupsters (hence pupstars) were a fun lot. And dogs are so often our heroes, so the comic book art representation is perfect!

Each piece is 12″x 12″ mixed media on artist level cradled canvas. Each represents a certain Chinese Element that has a specific vibration, color and symbol associated with these energy centers. The backgrounds are artist grade acrylic paint reminiscent of comic book art backgrounds. ┬áThe pups are made from colored rice paper torn up and “glued” to create the structure. There is very little painting once the paper is on.

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This Jack Russell excitedly ran up to represent Wood.


  • quick
  • runs
  • changes mind


The toy poodle jumped up to represent fire.


  • sharp
  • extrovert
  • excitable


The Labrador Retriever lumbered over to represent Earth.


  • honest
  • kind
  • laid back


The St Bernard agreed to represent Water.


  • observer
  • quiet
  • consistent


The Border Collie signed up for the job of representing Metal.


  • confident
  • likes rules
  • consistent

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