PupStar Heroes Collection


Are the superhero’s, the stars 🌟of our life.

These super canines show incredible powers and resilience in the face of danger.

They show us good in times of bad.

They help us when we can barely help ourselves. They are here to lift us up; always ready and alert to save us from our own evil.

When we beat them down, dog energy still holds hope that we will stand up and do the right thing.


Done in comic book art style (because, well, that’s what these pupstars asked for) these 5 pieces represent the Chinese elements of wood, fire, earth, metal and water. I intuitively chose specific breeds to represent each element.

They are mixed media -the backgrounds are textured artist level acrylic paint that are reminiscent  to comic book art backgrounds. The bodies are made with paper that I have colored, torn up and glued to form shapes, contrast, etc. I do not add any extra paint except for the highlights and the outlines. The canvas is artist grade, deep cradled 11×14. The artwork is continued on the sides and the completed piece is covered with several layers of a varnish with UVLS to provide protection. Again, all paints, varnishes and canvas are Artist level quality.

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This Jack Russell excitedly ran up to represent Wood.


  • quick
  • runs
  • changes mind


The toy poodle jumped up to represent fire.


  • sharp
  • extrovert
  • excitable


The Labrador Retriever lumbered over to represent Earth.


  • honest
  • kind
  • laid back


The St Bernard agreed to represent Water.


  • observer
  • quiet
  • consistent


The Border Collie signed up for the job of representing Metal.


  • confident
  • likes rules
  • consistent

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