soul essence portraits

an expression of your animal's soul

He was my best friend…

She was my soul mate.

He’s gone…

She left too early.

I miss him.

Did I do right by her?

Pet Grief is real.

You never expect to say good bye to your animal soulmate. Well meaning friends (and Irritating FB people) are like: ‘you can just get another pet to replace Fido’.

Let’s face it- you can’t replace that warm cat food smelling breath or a well placed horse tail swish in your face.

You expect to wake up to a beloved dog hiney in your face.

You wait for the delightful squeal of a guinea pig when you open the lettuce drawer.

And that’s all gone and left a huge crack in your heart ’cause a ragged tennis ball just sits.

What can you do? It feels like the real world won’t allow you to take time off for bereavement to honor your friend, your soulmate.

It’s so important to recognize and honor your pet and the impact they had in your life.

A soul animal energy portrait can help you find that connection, find some healing, and help ease your mind.

You can’t throw a tennis ball or curl up with a portrait cause they are paint and wood, but you can feel your pet’s energy around you. And if you want to add a piece of your pet (ashes, hair) to your painting, that’s cool too.

 For your investment, you receive

  • your soul animal’s vibrational essence on canvas
  • a special, commissioned piece of art
  • fine art quality products used
  • mixed media on cradled canvas or aquabord
  • ready to hang or sit next to you

When I opened the soul essence portrait of my dog Lumbee, it was like he  jumped right out of the box to greet me! There was an instant connection.

This beautiful art reminds me that energy of our connection is alive and well! Harriet was able to capture that essence in a piece of art that we are happy to display.  When I put the portrait on the wall, Daisy immediately jumped up to inspect the painting with ears at full alert and tail wagging. She glanced at me as if to say she was equally delighted to have his energy take form through this painting. (Daisy is our dog who shared space with Lumbee for his whole life.)

Michelle G.

OH, Those Faces..

Is your animal still on Earth?

Glorify your animal’s cutest or handsomest or beautimous face in a unique mixed media style!

Hay y’all! I’m Harriet, a life long horse girl.  I’m an equine gestalt method practitioner (say that fast 3 times!) and an artist. I discovered a few years ago I could translate energy into art. After my horse Viking died, he sent me his image and nudged me until I intuitively created his portrait. And so began the journey of Horse Girl in a Colorful World.

Oh and I love Rhinos!