Who looks outside, dreams.

Who looks inside, awakens.

~Carl Jung

Straight up,

Overwhelm can feel like diving into a pile of crap, dare we say, bullshit.

And it feels like there’s no escape, right?

And everybody is giving advice, or it pops up in your FB feed:
breathe, drink water, run a marathon, have more sex, color a mandala…

Hard to do when you feel like crap.  I get it.

And then there’s the monster under the bed who is an expectation junkie, feeding on all those expectations you’ve been shoving under the bed.

So now you’re the proverbial hamster running in a never ending wheel, in a pile of crap with Bigfoot living under you.

Oh yeah, don’t forget to breathe and color, maybe do some downward dog (or hamster) while you’re at it.

I’ve been that hamster too.    If you are interested, here’s more of my story.

But I know you want help, so let’s get down to what I can do for you:

I’ve got an overflowing basket of tools to help with overwhelm.  With some certifications thrown in there too!

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In which, Ironically, I preach breathing and some coloring.  Truth is, that stuff works if you can get out of the crap even for a moment.  I don’t teach downward hamster though, but I personally practice yoga and yodeling.

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What others are saying’

I am a busy mother of a 4yr old 2yr old and 6 month old children. My husband works full time, and he and I run a ministry and church launch together. Saying that my life gets overwhelming sometimes might not even scratch the surface of what I feel some days. I am an incredibly private person, Struggling to vent my emotions to others for fear of seeming weak. Vulnerability is very hard for me. So when I reached a breaking point and was so overwhelmed with what life had thrown at me, I knew something had to give. Harriet offered to walk me through an equine Gestalt session and I hesitantly agreed. Knowing that she has been doing life coaching and has received a great deal of training with this method, I figured I could just try it. Now, I love horses. They have been a solid staple in my life since I was 10. I know they are capable of amazing things, but I never imagined they could help me as much as they did during this session. I was able to voice things I’ve never said to anyone, express feelings I had bottled up for years. It was such a safe environment and I had this awesome horse who helped me through the entire process. Harriet was an amazing coach, being patient as I struggled to voice my feelings and deal with emotions I frankly didn’t want to deal with. If you’re on the fence about this, get off it. What an amazing experience this was!!
Sally W

Awesome mother of 3

Before I started working with Harriet, I felt like I was in a constant state of anxiety and panic attacks.  Harriet and her horses have given me valuable tools so that I can process before freaking out! This has helped out with everyday relationships- from my husband to my horse.  The biggest gift is that I can give myself love and compassion even in the moments of panic.
Kate K

Teaches Toddlers

Yeah, I know I’m a horse, but Harriet has even helped me with overwhelm and anxiety!  I can attest to her patience and understanding when I would shut down or boing around.  That overwhelm monster is scaaaaar-y.  I’m glad she didn’t feed the monster with expectations; she gave only compassion and time.  Today, I’m happy as a clam (or a horse) with a young girl as her first horse and I’m even going to horse shows!