Amarinthia Morton

Horse Groom & Equestrian •South Carolina • North Carolina

Contact Info:


references upon request

My Skills and Passions

Grooming•Wrapping•Lunging•Clipping•Pulling manes•Cleaning Stalls•Organizing for horse shows•Keeping track of feed/farrier/vet•Understanding feeding and turnout•Teaching beginner lessons (mounted and unmounted)•Understanding the importance of basic training and flatwork

I am a good fit if you want:

  • •reliable
  • •responsible
  • •grounded
  • •independent (don’t need micromanaging)
  • •hard working
  • •no drama
  • •understand horses
  • •experienced
  • •teachable
  • •honest

You are a good fit if you:

  • • set clear expectations
  • •can provide housing for me and my laid back dog
  • •can provide board for one horse
  • •can provide a salary or stipend
  • • are interested in happy horses
  • • want to invest time and knowledge into helping me become the best horseperson I can be


My Story

I was literally raised in a barn and put on a pony before I could walk. Hi! I’m Amarinthia, a 21 yr old equestrian from South Carolina. I grew up on a 40+ acre farm in Abbeville, SC. My mom ran a successful boarding and lesson business for all of my life, so horses have been my life!

From an early age, I knew I wanted to be with horses. I started showing at age 4 and got my first show pony at age 5. He was a famous small pony who was for sale because his lease person didn’t see eye to eye with him! We got along and he was my best buddy- we won many year end PSJ and SCHJA awards for the next 2 years. More importantly, he was my trusted friend that I could just hang out with. Unfortunately, we had to put him down just 4.5 years later due to melanomas. That was a big life lesson.

Being a trainer’s daughter, I got to ride lots of different horses. I was fortunate to always have one of my own. My next pony was a large paint pony and he was not easy! We found our place in Jumpers and were successful for several years in Hopeful and Progressive jumpers as well as Pony Club. I had to work very hard on flat work with him to be successful in the Jumpers.

We then adopted an OTTB so I could have that thoroughbred experience. I am still slowly bringing him along and deciding what discipline he is going to be best in- hunters or jumpers. I hope jumpers! While he was chilling out for a year or so, I was able to get a warmblood to show in the 15-17 and medal classes. Our highlight was reserve in the PSJ medal 2016.

After about 6 months off from working at a barn to get my GED, I started bringing my OTTB back into training at my current job. He sustained an injury to his gluteal muscle, so he is at the tail end of rehab.

Every single horse I have ridden has taught me something- sometimes just how to work through frustration, sometimes to build up my confidence, sometimes to figure out what not to do. I am looking forward to learning more about my equine partners and the equine business.

Experience and Videos


  • cleaning stalls by age 2
  • riding by age 3
  • showing age 4
  • helped my mom with camps
  • schooling lesson horses
  • Chatham Hall summer camp 2008-2011
  • IEA 2010,2011
  • schooled IEA and IHSA horses at regional and zone shows


  • working student for The Stable On The Woods 2016
  • Pony Club 2012-2017 (C-2)
  • Pony club Champs 2015 and 2016
  • Pony club Eventing Rally
  • started teaching a 5 yr old student on my own 2014-2016
  • fox hunted
  • IEA 2012
  • SCISA Varsity Equestrian 2013
  • PSJ Jr Medal Reserve Champ 2017


  • working weekends for Susan White 
  • show groom for Rivers Edge Farm
  • show groom for Daybreak farm September 2018
  • schooling sale horses for Carpe DM sport horses 2018
  • re-schooling a horse for Peachtree Equestrian 2018
  • training a green pony 2018
  • working student for TSOTW 2017-18
  • Fox hunted (whipped in)
  • Farm sitting 2017-18


  • got my GED
  • working for River’s Edge Farm 3/2019-present