Amarinthia Morton

Horse Groom & Equestrian •South Carolina • North Carolina

Contact Info:


references upon request

My Skills and Passions

Grooming•Wrapping•Lunging•Clipping•Pulling manes•Cleaning Stalls•Organizing for horse shows•Keeping track of feed/farrier/vet•Understanding feeding and turnout•Teaching beginner lessons (mounted and unmounted)•Understanding the importance of basic training and flatwork

I am a good fit if you want:

  • •reliable
  • •responsible
  • •grounded
  • •independent (don’t need micromanaging)
  • •hard working
  • •no drama
  • •understand horses
  • •experienced
  • •teachable
  • •honest

You are a good fit if you:

  • • set clear expectations
  • •can provide housing for me and my laid back dog
  • •can provide board for one horse
  • •can provide a salary or stipend
  • • are interested in happy horses
  • • want to invest time and knowledge into helping me become the best horseperson I can be


My Story

I was literally raised in a barn and put on a pony before I could walk. Hi! I’m Amarinthia, a 22 yr old equestrian from South Carolina. I grew up on a 40+ acre farm in Abbeville, SC. My mom ran a successful boarding and lesson business for all of my life, so horses have been my life!

From an early age, I knew I wanted to be with horses. I started showing at age 4 and got my first show pony at age 6. He was a famous small pony who was for sale because his lease person didn’t see eye to eye with him! We got along and he was my best buddy- we won many year end PSJ and SCHJA awards for the next 2 years. More importantly, he was my trusted friend that I could just hang out with. Unfortunately, we had to put him down just 4.5 years later due to melanomas. That was a big life lesson.

Being a trainer’s daughter, I got to ride lots of different horses. I was fortunate to always have one of my own. My next pony was a large paint pony and he was not easy! We found our place in Jumpers and were successful for several years in Hopeful and Progressive jumpers as well as Pony Club. I had to work very hard on flat work with him to be successful in the Jumpers.

We then adopted an OTTB so I could have that thoroughbred experience. I am still slowly bringing him along and deciding what discipline he is going to be best in- hunters or jumpers. I hope jumpers! While he was chilling out for a year or so, I was able to get a warmblood to show in the 15-17 and medal classes. Our highlight was reserve in the PSJ medal 2016.

After about 6 months off from working at a barn to get my GED in 2019, I started bringing my OTTB back into training. He sustained an injury to his gluteal muscle, so along with Darrel Vaughn, we had about a year of rehab. He is now back to regular work and enjoying life!

Every single horse I have ridden has taught me something- sometimes just how to work through frustration, sometimes to build up my confidence, sometimes to figure out what not to do. I am looking forward to learning more about my equine partners and the equine business.

Experience and Videos


  • cleaning stalls by age 2
  • riding by age 3
  • showing age 4
  • helped my mom with camps
  • schooling lesson horses
  • Chatham Hall summer camp 2008-2011
  • IEA 2010,2011
  • schooled IEA and IHSA horses at regional and zone shows


  • working student for The Stable On The Woods 2016 (Darrell and Melissa Vaughn)
  • Pony Club 2012-2017 (C-2)
  • Pony club Champs 2015 and 2016
  • Pony club Eventing Rally
  • started teaching a 5 yr old student on my own 2014-2016
  • fox hunted
  • IEA 2012
  • SCISA Varsity Equestrian 2013
  • PSJ Jr Medal Reserve Champ 2016


  • working weekends for Susan White 
  • show groom for Rivers Edge Farm
  • show groom for Daybreak farm September 2018
  • schooling sale horses for Carpe DM sport horses 2018
  • re-schooling a horse for Peachtree Equestrian 2018
  • training a green pony 2018
  • working student for TSOTW 2017-18
  • Fox hunted (whipped in)
  • Farm sitting 2017-18


  • GED: March 2019
  • River’s Edge Farm: Stable Hand, Groom, taught lessons, schooled horses  3/2019-7/2020
  • Stoneridge Equestrian: Stable hand, manage feeding and turnout, schooled horses 8/2020-present
  • Penn’s Woods Stables (Bill Payne):general help with horses and students, help with farm maintenance 8/2020-present
  • Continuing training with Darrell Vaughn and Bill Payne (and occasionally my mom!)