Sports Action Art

Celebrate your favorite human and/or animal athlete.

Commission a mixed media portrait using your action shot.

What you get:

•ready to hang mixed media portrait

•artist quality paint and mediums used

•on professional 3/4″ or 1.5″ cradled art panel


Pricing is based on per square inch with $10 added for 1.5″ cradle. First price is for 3/4″ cradle, second price is for 1.5″ cradle.

Please note that W and H are interchangeable depending on athlete’s stance.

A non-refundable downpayment of $50 is required before I send the preview. 

16″x20″  $160/$170

18″x24″ $216/$226

Contact me for larger pieces!


What you need to do:

•contact me directly or DM through my instagram @harrietbmortonArt

•send me several action shots (the higher the resolution, the better)

•I will filter the image using Photoshop and send you a preview of approximately what the completed piece will look like for you to approve

please note the image is photo transferred onto the art panel after I have photoshopped it, so again, the higher reslolution, the better!


My younger daughter:

her senior year in high school volleyball

school colors: gold and gray/black

My older daughter:

her last year in pony club

her pony’s colors: blue and purple

Hay- check out my art