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limited edition giclee prints are available for ESP and HE collections; the originals will be for sale in the future. Other originals are for sale. I’m working on getting an online store up and going. In the meantime, head on over to my Etsy store to buy my art!


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Equine Superpower (ESP) collection


This collection was inspired by my horses and how I see them representing certain energies which became their superpower. Each original is 12″ x 24″ mixed media. I create the colors and symbols on paper then tear up the paper up and intuitively “glue” on canvas to create the work. There are symbols and words layered to emphasize the superpower of each horse. I use artist qualitiy mediums (primarily Golden) and gallery cradled canvas. Each is coated with Golden Polymer Varnish with UVLS to protect your investment.

Giclee prints, signed and numbered, are available now on my Etsy Shop. Scroll through the gallery and see which one you are drawn to!



Greeting Cards available too!

Hope Endangered

One of my passions has always beenĀ 


Spirit Animals

Why does an animal (or animals) show up consistently in your dreams or right in front of you in daily life?

We are connected to Nature and sometimes frequently need to rekindle our relationship to Earth.

Spirit Animals cross our path to give us messages about our life circumstances.

They remind us of the diving Magic of Life!